Marenel C. Vargas, RPsy, RPm

Psychodynamically-inclined therapy. Trauma-informed therapy.

Mood disorders. Family-related concerns. Identity and self-esteem. Work-related distress. Trauma-related challenges.

Adolescents and adults.

About The Therapist:

Ren completed her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2019 before co-building Life Ready Psychological Services. She received her psychometrician license and worked with various groups conducting psychological evaluations and assessments. She has experience in assessment, individual therapy, and group wellness sessions. Outside the psychological field, Ren also had a stint working in marketing research.

She’s currently taking courses under the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis – Practice-Based Psychodynamic Learning Center in New York, USA. She’s also part of a parenting research laboratory.

Therapist's Philosophy:

I find meaning in the work of psychotherapy through seeing my clients’ gradual self-integration, becoming more aware and accepting of their varying emotions, thoughts, and reactions. As the self is the main tool I use in the sessions, I continually improve myself while I support my clients’ development. Learning about my own processes and keeping updated with advances in the field allow me to extend the best care possible to my clients. In a confidential setting, I collaborate with my clients. I may not have all the answers to their concerns, but what I can offer is my constant companionship in finding clarity in such a quest. A safe space is provided in the sessions to explore and process any confusion, discomfort, and other difficulties. I acknowledge both the clients’ personal and systemic challenges. I help them navigate these internal and external intricacies to ultimately thrive. I want my clients to feel that I am with them, sensitive and respectful of where they are and what they need.  Each session aims to equip them with skills and encourage a more reflective stance for them to tread life confidently on their own.