Gel G. Galang, Rpsy

Psychodynamically-inclined trauma-informed therapy.

Relational issues. Career concerns. Mood disorders. Stress management. Identity crises and conflicts. Depression and anxiety. Family concerns.

Adolescents and adults

About the therapist:

Prior to co-founding Life Ready Psychological Services, Gel received her master’s degree in Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University. She has experience in holding individual therapy sessions, conducting group workshops and group therapy sessions, and administering assessments. Most of the concerns she helps with revolve around identity and relational issues, depression and anxiety, personality disorders, and career concerns.

To further her understanding of the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy, she is taking courses with the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis – Practiced-Based Psychodynamic Learning Center. Continuing her double life as a psychologist and a professional creative, Gel also practices writing on the side, in continuation of her first love in writing and the creative arts, including public relations, editorial, advertising, digital marketing, and fiction writing.

Therapist's Philosophy:

Life is like an ongoing story. We are both authors of and characters in our stories. Sometimes, we write the stories of our lives as we take concrete action and accountability, oir even in accidental decisions and actions. Other times, we may discover we are characters who live alongside other characters, affected by and affecting each other. It’s freestyle writing, rarely with time to make other drafts and definitely no revisions or take-twos. However, just like how authors may feel nostalgia, regret, frustration or hope in rereading some of their stories, what’s crucial is that they acknowledge these works as their own. They are valuable drafts that hold their feelings, thoughts, and creative selves at the time that they wrote them. The same goes for the therapy that I practice. I am co-reader and co-writer of clients’ chapters. And they become co-characters and co-creators in my own chapters as well. Our past works may be set in stone and published, but our storytelling holds a lot of room for possibilities. We write more sophisticated chapters. We explore other themes and stories. Sometimes, we may even be able to write familiar storylines, but perhaps with better resolutions. Therapy is a place of coming together, trading stories, becoming a part of each others’ stories, and growing as storytellers.