About The Clinic

Life Ready Psychological Services follows the psychoanalytic approach to addressing mental health concerns in the Philippine setting. Rather than a symptom-reduction approach where the primary goal is to primarily address the client’s immediate concern, we take on a more holistic approach. This means going on a more exploratory route, where human suffering is viewed in connection with the different aspects of life. What manifests in your relational concerns may be a mirror of other issues in the interpersonal, emotional, economical, and spiritual. Everything is intertwined.

Our clinic also believes in providing the needs of the community. Hence, we are purposive in going to far-flung places and partnering with their different sectors to jumpstart the community’s mental health. We believe in planting the seeds of mental health and enjoining the community to foster its growth.

We also have a vision of the clinic as a training ground and a safe space for psychologists. As helpers ourselves, we believe that psychologists also need their own comforting space for growth as people and as practitioners. Thus, we push for legitimizing the profession and helping make it both a career and a calling for psychologists in the Philippines.

Meet The Team

Life Ready started with the goal of making mental health more accessible to Filipinos. Despite coming from different backgrounds and experiences, the co-founders believe that their differences gave them a unique and diverse approach to mental health. This resonates with the recognition of Filipinos’ diverse experiences, and the diverse ways through which it should be explored from.

Yet behind this diversity, the Life Ready team finds oneness with each other, working for the same goal of better mental health, giving the same effort to push for our beliefs and progress as a team, and sometimes even in sharing the same interests that keep us going as professional colleagues and as each other’s personal favorite people.

The Directors:

Consultants and Staff:

Antonio Daniel M. Bernas, RPsy.

Dennise Adiranne A. Libongco