What we offer

Mental health is a lifestyle and lifetime commitment.

We look forward to being your partner in being ready for the challenges and opportunities that let you grow in life and love. We do this through individual and group therapy, test assessments, seminars, workshops, coaching, and wellness sessions.

Who we Are..

Life Ready Psychological Services aims to make mental health more accessible to Filipinos all over the country.

As a psychodynamically-inclined clinic, we aim to establish a working therapeutic relationship with our clients. Over time, the healing happens not only in words, but also in the actions and dynamics that therapist and client share in the therapeutic space.

Center Hours

9:00am - 6:00pm, Mondays to Saturdays

While we follow our clinic hours, mental health is a round the clock habit. For concerns that go beyond these hours, we highly recommended getting in touch with the following institutions to mitigate any emergencies in the moment:

Hopeline: (02) 8804 4673 // +63917 558 4673

NCMH hotline: (02) 7989 8727 // +63917 899 8727 

Crisis line hotline: (02) 8893 7603 // +63917 800 1123 // +63922 893 8944

Or please go to your nearest hospital emergency room to seek more immediate help.